FAQ - SubmissiveTask


Frequently Asked Questions

Using the app

1. Can many people complete a single task?

Yes. You must specify how long the task is active for. As people complete the task you can judge their completions.

2. Can I make a task for just one person?

No, but you can create a task and share the link with someone special.

3. Can I block another user?

Yes. Blocking a user completely removes them from your experience of using SubmissiveTask. If you want to unblock them you can open your menu, go to your connections, and blocked connections will be at the bottom of the list.

4. Are my images secure?

SubmissiveTask is a closed social platform. Only a logged in user will be able to see your avatar, and only a dom you complete a task for can see your completion photos. They could of course screenshot the content and share it, so use your own discretion as to what you show other users.

5. Do my tasks show up for everyone?

No. You specify who your task will show up for in the 'who is this for' section of create task.

6. Can everyone see my task completion?

Yes, anyone viewing the task can view your photos.

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