Top 10 Best Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages supercharge sexual drive and pleasure
Being locked in a chastity cage makes kissing more intense.

Anticipation ignites sexual experience. After denying oneself for days or weeks, every touch feels supercharged due to the previous lack of stimulation.

In just the past decade, male chastity cages have benefited greatly from technological advancements. This allows for long term chastity without discomfort, and for any man to enjoy the experience regardless of shape or size.

The top quality chastity devices may be more expensive, sure, but that additional upfront cost pays for itself in a pain free, and anticipation full lifestyle.

We have our picks for the best male chastity cages, so let’s start off with the overall top recommendation:

The Best Male Chastity Cages

1. FYJ Lightweight Premium Medical Grade Resin Chastity Device

Solid functionality and build while keeping the price reasonable.

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Our number one pick is the Lightweight Premium Medical Grade Resin Chastity Device. This device is all about utility, and functionality, rather than branding. Don’t let the low price deter you, the comfort and quality of this device is up to par with some $200+ competitors, and comes with several different ring sizes.

It is comfortable, does not pinch, and does not show under clothing. It is very similar to, and takes pointers from much more expensive devices. This device well for extended wear, and has the advantage of being lighter and less susceptible to temperature change than metal devices.

The plastic material it is made of also allows for some additional flexibility when removing and applying the device. The shaft points down more than other devices, which helps to make it invisible under clothing.

2. CB6000

One of the current industry standards. Good quality with no compromises made.

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The CB600 has undeniably helped to popularise male chastity. It works well with varying sizes, creates a low amount of pressure, and is very well made.

Depending on the penis size, the rings that go under the scrotum can feel too snug, creating uncomfort. If you are better endowed than most, perhaps check out the other highly priced competitor, the Holy Trainer.

While other products in this list may require some workarounds such as adding lubricant to get fitted correctly, the CB6000 is a high end product that out of the box works without issue. Due to the additional cost it is recommended for people who already are sure of their commitment to chastity.

3. Happygo

Best budget chastity option

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The happygo chastity cage is very high-quality and offers some features that usually would be only found in higher end cages. For example, the ergonomic basering. The whole device is modular and the same company sells another ring that can be switched out for people who want more of a snug fit.

One important point to note is that the lock that comes with the happygo is of cheap quality and should be switched out with a brand name lock and key. We would say that for someone who wants to try out chastity this device is a great way to get onboard without emptying the wallet.

4. Utimi Cock Cage Male Chastity Device Locked Cage Sex Toy for Men

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The utimi cock cage comes with three different ring sizes. This is helpful but it is still important to do due diligence, measuring your size before buying. This cage does not conceal particularly well in lighter clothing. Part of the reason for this is that it is heavier than other models, which can cause a dragging effect, and the cage points outward opposed to downward. Lubricant is required for application of the utimi cock cage.

Not to totally disqualify this product, if it fits you well it is very comfortable and many wearers like the security of metal and the added weight.

5. KHD x3 espresso

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printed cock cages

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Welcome to the future. THe KHD X3 is a 3D printed chastity cage. 3D printing is a process where a computer reads a blueprint of a physical object, and controls a printing device that uses material instead of ink, to create the object in real life. What this mean is that there is great potential opportunity for people who previously could not fit into any other device for whatever reason.

The X3 comes in several different dimensions and can be ordered on shapeways, a site where people buy and sell 3D printed objects. There are five tube length options, where many competitors have less, although the Holy Trainer recently came out with five sizes as well. The silicone plastic is also very light to wear. The biggest issue with the X3 though is the material that the 3d printer uses. Especially for more active wearers the material, which is as rough as a fine grain of sandpaper, can be irritating.

6. Holy Trainer V3

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The Holy Trainer offers a very compact design that allows for the wearer to hide the device without any issue. There are five tube sizes, and the material which is a non petroleum based plastic is actually quite malleable, reducing irritation and poking. If you lead an active lifestyle, or even just walk around a good amount, this device performs very well. It is nearly impossible to tell it is on during physical activity.

One issue is that the Holy Trainer does not have any material separating the tube from the ring so if you wear particularly tight underwear, it can lead to some pinching. The softer material, can also not feel as secure, depending on how small you get.

7. Lock Your Man Up! Male Chastity Device Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

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This device is a knockoff of the holy trainer style. Made of 100% resin, comes in two sizes, and includes four sizes of rings. Good things about the Lock Your Man device include how lightweight it is and how concealable it is. Having the padlock external means that you can customize or get a higher quality lock if desired. However the low price leads to some sacrifices in quality.

One thing that shows with hastily made or cheaply made cages are the plastic ridges that form during the molding process of the product. This can lead to scratching or even pinching for the wearer. Most of this is noticeable on the rings of this device, and can be remedied with some light grain sandpaper.