The Best 10 Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages supercharge sexual drive and pleasure
Being locked in a chastity cage makes kissing more intense.

Anticipation ignites sexual experience. After denying oneself for days or weeks, every touch feels supercharged due to the previous lack of stimulation.

In just the past decade, male chastity cages have benefited greatly from technological advancements. This allows for long term chastity without discomfort, and for any man to enjoy the experience regardless of shape or size.

Over the past 5 years SubmissiveTask has been testing first hand new chastity cage experiences. We make sure each cage is safe, comfortable, and most importantly, secure.

The top quality chastity devices may be more expensive, sure, but that additional upfront cost pays for itself in a pain free, and anticipation full lifestyle.

We have our picks for the best male chastity cages, so let’s start off with the overall top recommendation:

The Best Male Chastity Cages

1. The Vice Standard - Locked In Lust

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Our number one pick, after personal testing, is The Vice Standard. From our experience, it truly stands out as the most comfortable and secure cage. Quality does come at a price, but from our firsthand trial, we recommend investing right from the start. Trust us, when you're wearing something for hours, weeks, or even months, you'd want the best, and this is where we wouldn't compromise.

We've tried this device in all three sizes, and its design is purely centered around utility, long-term comfort, and functionality. What really caught our attention during testing was the anti-pullout feature, ensuring an extra layer of security and comfort.

In our wear tests, it proved to be easy to put on, without any pinching. Plus, it discreetly hides under clothing. Ideal for those seeking a device for extended wear, it's notably lighter and isn't affected much by temperature changes compared to metal counterparts.

Its plastic material offers an added benefit: flexibility. When we were taking it off or putting it on, this proved invaluable. Also, the shaft's downward orientation is a distinct feature that we noticed makes it nearly invisible under clothing.

2. CB6000

One of the current industry standards. Solid quality

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The CB600, from our own experiences, has unmistakably played a pivotal role in making male chastity mainstream. Our trials confirmed that it caters well to various sizes, exerts minimal pressure, and boasts impeccable craftsmanship.

Based on our hands-on testing, we noticed that depending on the size, the rings that fit below the scrotum can sometimes feel a tad tight, leading to some discomfort. If you're on the larger end of the spectrum, we'd suggest exploring an alternative, like the premium-priced Holy Trainer.

Although some products on our list might need adjustments, like the application of lubricant for an ideal fit, the CB6000 stands out in its league. From our unboxing and trials, it's evident that this top-tier product operates flawlessly right from the start. Given its premium price point, we'd recommend it for those who are genuinely committed to embracing chastity.

3. Steel The Guardian - Cage by OXY

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The steel of the 'Guardian Chastity Cage', based on our firsthand observations, is of superior quality, offering attributes typically reserved for pricier cages. The device's modular design stood out during our assessment, and Oxy's accompanying videos and setup guides truly enhance the user experience.

From our trials, a crucial observation is the lock accompanying the Guardian, which is of commendable quality – a standard not consistently met by other devices. For someone keen on exploring chastity, we'd endorse this device as an excellent starting point without stretching the budget.

4. Happygo

Best budget chastity option

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From our hands-on experience with the 'HappyGo Chastity Cage', it distinctly showcases high-quality craftsmanship, boasting features often reserved for the more luxurious cages. A notable feature is its ergonomic basering. The device is impressively modular, and the manufacturer provides an alternate ring option for those seeking a tighter fit.

Having tested it out, it's crucial to mention that the lock accompanying the HappyGo feels a bit on the cheaper side. We'd recommend switching it with a trusted brand lock and key for enhanced security. For novices keen on exploring chastity, this device presents a cost-effective yet quality introduction.

5. Utimi Cock Cage Male Chastity Device Locked Cage Sex Toy for Men

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From our testing of the 'Utimi Cock Cage', we appreciated that it provides three distinct ring sizes. However, it underscores the importance of measuring oneself prior to making a purchase. We observed that this cage might not be as discreet under lighter attire. This could be attributed to its heftier weight compared to other cages, resulting in a noticeable drag. Moreover, its outward orientation, as opposed to a downward direction, adds to its visibility. Based on our hands-on experience, we'd suggest using lubricant for a smooth application of the Utimi Cock Cage.

Though we pointed out certain aspects, it's worth noting that when it's a good fit, the cage offers notable comfort. We found that many users particularly appreciate the secure feel of metal and the added weight it provides.

6. KHD x3 espresso

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printed cock cages

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Stepping into the future with the 'KHD X3', we had the unique opportunity to test a 3D printed chastity cage. If you're unfamiliar, 3D printing transforms a digital blueprint into a tangible object, layer by layer, using material rather than traditional ink. Our exploration into the X3 revealed that its customizable nature could be a game-changer for those who couldn't find the right fit with other devices.

During our hands-on assessment of the X3, we found it's available in diverse dimensions and can be procured from Shapeways – a marketplace for 3D printed items. A highlight is its five tube length options, surpassing many competitors, though we did note that the Holy Trainer recently matched this range. The silicone plastic felt incredibly light during our wear tests. However, a point of contention was the texture of the 3D printed material. For those leading an active lifestyle, its fine sandpaper-like roughness could pose some discomfort.

7. Holy Trainer V3

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After trying the 'Holy Trainer', its compact design stands out, enabling discreet wear without any hassle. The choice of five tube sizes is commendable, and we were pleasantly surprised by the material—a non-petroleum-based plastic that boasts impressive malleability, minimizing discomfort and poking. For those who are always on the move or engage in frequent physical activity, our tests found that this device holds up brilliantly. In action, it's nearly undetectable.

However, we did encounter a few challenges. Notably, the Holy Trainer lacks a material buffer between the tube and the ring. From our wear tests, particularly tight underwear can cause some pinching due to this design choice. Also, the softer material, while comfortable, might give some wearers a sense of reduced security, especially if opting for a smaller size.

8. Lock Your Man Up! Male Chastity Device Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

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Upon testing what seems to be a knockoff of the 'Holy Trainer' style, we discovered that this device, named 'Lock Your Man', is made of 100% resin. It's available in two sizes and offers four ring variations. Our first impressions were positive, especially noting its lightweight nature and discreet wearability. An added perk is the external padlock, which provides customization options, including upgrading to a more robust lock if one wishes. Nevertheless, its affordability does hint at certain compromises in quality.

One drawback we couldn't overlook: the evident plastic ridges formed during the molding process. Such details, typically associated with hurried or budget manufacturing, can result in scratching or pinching for the wearer. Most of these imperfections were predominantly observed on the device's rings but can potentially be smoothed out with fine-grain sandpaper.