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Be Dominated
or Find a Submissive

SubmissiveTask is a private online community dedicated to sex and submission.

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Online BDSM roleplay

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How it works

Be dominated or find a submissive

Example: Find a submissive

1. Create a task

List your desires. Only people with the gender identities and attributes you specify will see your request.

2. Wait

Your task will now appear in the feeds of possible submissives. When the time is up, view their work.

3. View and judge

Reward the best subs. This lets them learn how to perform to your specifications.

Example: Femdom online

1. Find a BDSM task

Find the perfect Dom(me). Our search filters allow you to find a dominatrix or dom you will beg to please.

2. Accept and complete

Use your webcam to upload photos. Prove your worthiness (or lack thereof).

3. Await judgement

Await the judgement of your Master or Mistress. After the task closes, they will view your work.

Dominate me

Start playing.

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