Top 10 Best Queening Chairs

Properly position for oral sex and facesitting.
Queening and Facesitting Furniture

Facesitting and oral sex are improved with the help of some customized furniture. These queening chairs are the best that we could find across the internet. They allow for new positions, views, and sensations.

Although our reviews are for face riding or queening, many of these chairs can be used for other sex positions as well.

The Best Queening & Facesitting Furniture

1. DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair - Lovehoney

Best overall value

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Our top choice queening chair has a simple design, reliable build, and reasonable price.

A nice perk is the additional, normal seat surface that comes with it if you want to be descreet.

This chair is well made and not too heavy. Some people mention that the top corners could be a bit uncomfortable in certain positions, but overall, it's a solid piece of BDSM furniture that's ready to use as soon as you get it.

2. Smother Bench by Mastermindcrafts

Highest quality for the professional.

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The Oak smother Bench is the best queening furniture option, objectively speaking.

If you want the best and have the space and the money this is the item to buy. Built for professional dungeons it is constructed out of solid oak and beautiful upholstery, making it both extremely durable and comfortable.

Extra components here allow for adjustable (and forced) head positioning and places to attach wrist and leg cuffs. This is the five star sub treatment.

3. VIER Decadence Bounce Weightless Sex Stool

Best for lighter people.

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The Decadance Bounce sex stool (or queening chair) comes with a pillow that can be inflated to the height that you want.

Assembly though is not that simple as the instructions are all in chinese and it is not super intuitive. The main disadvantage with the VIER Decadence queening chair is that the elastic straps have too much give.

We recommend not purchasing if the Queen is even over 100 pounds.

4. Oak Smother Box by Mastermindcrafts

Best for dom control.

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The Oak smother Box is also very high quality and is perfect for those who do not want or need the whole bench, strap down. The beautiful workmanship, adjustable head height, wrist attachments make it a real treat for submissives.

5. LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool.

Best with attached dildo.

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The “LoveBotz Bangin Bench” Is another solid contender. This queening chair has the added perk of also supporting a separate dildo if desired. This can be a fun way to mix up play and make someone watch.

Warning for people over 200 pounds that the straps may slide up the sides. As with the VIER Decadence, instructions were not particularly clear for some people, but it may not be an issue.

6. Queening chair for oral sex by FetishFurnitureFactory

Best for backdoor access.

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Also made by Fetish furniture factory is the queening chair. The main differentiator from the stool is that the chair can be accessed from either side.

In this way the Queen is able to avoid seeing any unworthy Submissives and focus on her own pleasure.

7. BDSM furniture queening stool for oral sex by FetishFurnitureFactory

Sturdiest, most simple chair.

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The queening furniture stool from Fetish Furniture Factory is made for worshipers by worshipers.

In that way it is well designed, so that anyone can use it with some pillows. Because it is made of wood there is no issue of the elastic straps bending too far down as with the Decadence.

The seat itself is comfortable and made of water resistant faux leather.

8. Misstu Weightless Love Position Chair

Heavier, but wider straps.

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This facesitting chair has handlebars, which lets you better position with the elastic straps.

It is also pretty sturdy for how light weight it is. The only complaints voiced about the char is that the straps are wide which means you lose a bit of the view. However they are in turn very sturdy and hold up to 300 pounds.