Top 10 Sissy Panties

Sissy panties for "men".
Sissy panties for "men"

You might already be familiar with wearing sissy panties for sexy humiliation, or perhaps you’re thinking of buying a pair for a special sub.

Some men enjoy wearing underwear that makes them feel pretty and feminine, but also works with their anatomy. Regardless of why you are wearing them, you probably want something that feels nice and silky, with no pinching or riding.

Here are our favorite panties for men.

The Best Sissy Panties

1. Frilly panties: ACSUSS Men's Satin Frilly Thong

Most popular.

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Whether you see yourself as a French maid or just a silly sissy, you (or your sub) will enjoy wearing these frothy, silky, ruffley panties. They come in polka-dots or solid colors and are stretchy and soft.

Although they look and feel great, they’re cheap enough that you won’t mind if they get damaged in play.

2. Man panties: Panasilk Silk Briefs

Most comfortable texture overall.

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These comfortable but elegant silk panties are right on the line between masculine and feminine. Because they don’t have any lace or 3-D features, they will not attract attention if you wear them under pants to work or on errands.

But you will still know that you’re wearing pretty panties! Perfect for discreet public play.

3. See-thru panties: Frilly Ripstop Nylon

Sexiest or most humiliating panties.

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You can see your dick in these. That is probably the point. While the synthetic fabric may not be optimal for sweaty everyday wear, the crisp translucent nylon with the frilly cut can be a nice way to blend sissification with a focus on the wearer’s cock.

If you don't have much to show this can add a level of humilation as well.

4. Pretty panties: Silky Satin Ruffled Lace

Most feminine panties.

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These panties closely resemble fancy lingerie worn by women. Purple is a popular color in the kink community, but they also come in feminine pink and dramatic burgundy.

They get high marks for comfort and style, but you might want to order a size down for best fit.

5. Thong: Panasilk Silk Men’s Thong

"Lightest" panties.

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Like the brief-panty-style above, these thongs combine wearable silk with a sexy cut. These would look racy in the bedroom and undetectable at work. Panasilk sells in packs of six, making these a good option for those enjoying a sissy lifestyle as well as those who keep it in the bedroom.

6. Another frilly panty: Elise-Panty

Most versitle for any gender.

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Frilly lace in virginal white with little pink flowers is anathema to masculinity and should make your sissy sub squirm.

Fortunately these panties are well-made to accomodate a penis, so all squirming will be psychological. Homme Mystere even sells a matching bra to complete the look.